The Real Real

The Real Real

Hey beauties! Cierra here, the Creator of Glitz & Cosmix

I invented the idea of this company out of one of my main struggles which was taking care of myself and my mental health.

You’re probably thinking yea yea same narrative different day so cliche🙄Not exactly, let me give you the real.

The breath of this company was based on finding myself after pregnancy loss, finding out my mother had breast cancer(she’s in remission now), then having a another beautiful baby that brought major postpartum struggles.

I was lost, grieving, gaining tons of weight, losing hair, and flat out looking crusty and dusty. Because let’s face it when life hits you in the ass sometimes this is the result.

I had forgot how good it felt to nourish my skin with natural ingredients. To put on a full face of makeup💄 and smell amazing. To meditate and journal. To think of myself in a positive light. I felt like shit. But, Glitz & Cosmix gave me purpose and I want to share it with you🫵🏽

I’m not that self-care crazed company who throws an affirmation on everything because it’s a “trend”. This is real life and women are having struggles in society that we don’t seem to have a safe space for anymore.

I strive to be that Indie beauty brand that makes a difference. I want everyone to experience the same feelings of joy when they use what I have curated for moments where women need it most.

Earth is ghetto and life can get tough. I believe even in my darkest moments there was something deeper. Things that I had to understand to help build the person I am today. 

In the future, I hope to aid women on their mental health and self-care journey. Until then, I hope you find peace and joy in what I’ve created so far💫Love yourself and save yourself always💕

💜 Cierra

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